Design + Photography


Hütte offers the blankets of the Moonrise line, characterized by a weave of superfine wool and alpaca, in Parallel 2021, the exhibition curated by MoscaPartners, from October 7th to 10th in the space of Superstudio Maxi in Milan: an exhibition inserted into the MIA - Milan Image Art Fair, examining the relationship between design and photography. The photographs of Sara Rossi dialogue with the fabrics, exploring new dimensions of meaning through the collision of different codes.

The exhibition was attended by:
Accardi Buccheri + Luca Casonato
Antonio Aricò + Giacomo Giannini
Emmanuel Babled + Valentina Zanobelli
Michele De Lucchi + Tom Vack
Fibra Research + Ingrid Taro and Ernesta Caviola
Paolo Giordano + Paolo Giordano
Alessandro Guerriero + Occhiomagico
Raffaella Colutto (Hütte) + Sara Rossi
Alessandro Mendini + Carlo Lavatori
Franco Raggi + Miro Zagnoli
Mario Trimarchi + Santi Caleca


Written by Raffaella Colutto