W H O  A R E  W E

Founded in 2020 H Ü T T E is an independent homeware brand of limited-edition textile accessories, based in Milan.

H Ü T T E inspiration is a welcoming atmosphere, both modern and traditional, where blankets, bedspreads and pillows tangle and sway, bringing warmth and harmony.

H Ü T T E is a fairy name, directly from the Grimm brother’s tales, means hut, cabin, refuge.

Because the space we live in is intimate, it exposes us, reveals our nature and relates us to our guests. In our homes, fabrics are not a superfluous ornament, they permeate our surroundings with a rhythm, they are our heterogenous life-soundtrack.

H Ü T T E distinctive style is a timeless contemporary design, free from stereotypes or fashion-trends, functional and comfortable, sophisticated, essential in the lines and vibrant in colour. A poem that marries the abstract beauty of mathematics and the infinite geometric shapes.

H Ü T T E has a slow-design approach, for high-quality articles, resistant and lasting. A quality to see, to touch, to wear.

Exclusive noble material and pure yarns, traced and eco-sustainable are selected in the full respect of the animals. All the products are made in Italy to safeguard the heritage of the ancestry craft skills and their extraordinary potential, and to guarantee a short and low impact production chain. The workshops are fully compliant with taxes and workers' rights laws.

In this very first collection, three lines encompasses all seasons with blankets, bedspreads, cushions, ponchos, scarves and shawls. Winter: Superfine Wool and Alpaca. Autumn: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool and Linen. Spring-Summer: Linen and Cotton.

H Ü T T E great care also goes in its sustainable packaging, crafted natural hemp cotton wraps hand-printed with the press, using rust as a pigment. Even the tape of the shipping parcels is made of recycled paper.

H Ü T T E is a project. A project in continuous development, open to specific requests to decline collections, both in sizes or colours. Open for collaborations with customers to define completely dedicated new products-lines.


W H O  A M  I 

“My name is Raffaella Colutto, and I am a visual and textile designer.

I live in Milan, where I was trained. Here, I have co-founded the graphic studio Alizarina, designing companies’ identities, cultural events, publishing and exhibition spaces.

H Ü T T E is the fruit of my passion that in recent years turned to the design of textures and patterns for fabrics, combining digital technologies with traditional processes and raw materials.

My style is rooted in the influences of Bruno Munari's school, the renowned Scuola Politecnica di Design. The first school of Bauhaus imprinting established in Italy, with an experimental and interdisciplinary humanistic approach and where Gestalt and colour are the scientific foundations of a design of good quality, references always present in my creations.

The close collaboration with prestigious Italian craftsmen is a source of inspiration and continuous research. Fundamental factors to the success of an exclusive and highly performing project and the result of a team effort.

The sustainable future is in sharing beautiful ideas.”


S U S T A I N A B L E  P A C K A G I N G

Crafted natural hemp cotton wraps hand-printed with the press, using natural rust pigment and linen oil.



Bespoke orders are still available at raffaella@hutte.it