Materials: Superfine Wool 87% and Alpaca 13%
Colours: Amazonite + Rare
Measures: 150 x 108 cm (59" x 42.5")

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P R E C I O U S  O V E R  T I M E. The precious raw material and Italian Skills, culture and tradition result in the excellence of this yarn that even improves after each washing getting better time after time. Made in Italy 100%. Jacquard manufacture.

Care: Washing (scouring) in cold water with detergent (for cashmere) for approx 5 min., then discharge the water. Milling with softener at cold temp. (max 30°) for approx 5 min. with low spinning, then discharge the water. Centrifugate at max 850 r.p.m. Tumbler dry at max 80° temp. long enough to take them out a little damp.

Bespoke sizes and colours available on request. contact@hutte.it