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Materials:: Superfine Wool 87% and Alpaca 13%
Colours:: Cappuccino shades
Measures:: 135 x 200 cm (53" x 79")


H Ü T T E  F O R  B R I O L. A co-branding project with the charming Hotel Briol in South Tyrol. Plaids furnish guest rooms and are also sold in the hotel's boutique.

P R E C I O U S  O V E R  T I M E. The precious raw material and Italian Skills, culture and tradition result in the excellence of this yarn that even improves after each washing getting better time after time. A soft and silky handfeel with the lustre of a rare alpaca fiber blended with superfine wool. Made in Italy 100%. Jacquard manufacture, double-sided.

Care: Washing (scouring) in cold water with detergent (for cashmere) for approx 5 min., then discharge the water. Milling with softener at cold temp. (max 30°) for approx 5 min. with low spinning, then discharge the water. Centrifugate at max 850 r.p.m. Tumbler dry at max 80° temp. long enough to take them out a little damp.

Bespoke sizes and colours available on request.