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Materials: Extrafine Merino Wool 56% and Linen 44%
Colours: Old Rose + Spectrum Red + Powder Blue
Measures: 30 x 50 cm (12" x 19.5")


TWO FIBRES, ALL SEASONS. Merino yarns are exceptional breathable. Worn directly in contact with the skin it ‘adapts’ to changes in body temperature thanks to the fibre’s ability to transfer moisture away from the skin. Linen is in fact able to give freshness (it is perfect for summer clothes) but at the same time manages to keep the heat constant (therefore it is also good in winter). Made in Italy 100%. Jacquard manufacture.

Care: Hand wash. Water temperature 30°. Do not bleach. Iron at maximum temperature of 100°. Any solvent except tetrachlorethhylene. Dry flat.

C U S H I O N  S T U F F I N G. Outer shell 100% Cotton. Filling 85% Cotton 15% Polylactide + Swiss pine curls. Handmade in Italy 100%. Natural pillow with percale lining, cotton padding and pine curls. The Swiss pine release a delicate essence that provides a pleasant sense of well-being and relaxation, and helps improve the quality of sleep and rest by regulating the heart rate and promoting breathing.

Bespoke sizes and colours available on request.