Hütte cushions stuffing

Outer shell 100% Cotton

Filling  85% Cotton 15% Polylactide

+ Swiss pine curls

Handmade in Italy 100%


A N T I B A C T E R I A L . H Y P O A L L E R G E N I C . F R A G R A N T . B A L S A M I C .

Natural pillow with percale lining, cotton padding and pine curls.

The S W I S S  P I N E release a delicate essence that provides a pleasant sense of well-being and relaxation, and helps improve the quality of sleep and rest by regulating the heart rate and promoting breathing.

W I T H  N A T U R E. The wood used for this product comes from responsibly cut forests respecting and safeguarding nature from over-exploitation.


Written by Raffaella Colutto